Reminding your prospects to reply to you in gentle way is a sure way to move them along your pipeline.

Life happens, busy work takes over and you cold email prospect might lose your email in thousands of others flooding the inbox.

In this article we dive into the different ways you can remind your prospects to get back to you.

Say goodbye to the stress of missed opportunities and hello to a more organized and efficient follow up strategy!

Understanding Email Reminders

Email Reminders: Your Digital Assistant

Email reminders are digital prompts designed to help you stay on track with your tasks, appointments, meetings, or any important events.

Whether it’s a follow-up with a client, an upcoming deadline for a task, or an important meeting, email reminders serve as your digital assistant, ensuring no important tasks slip through the cracks.

Microsoft Outlook: A Comprehensive Tool for Email Reminders

One of the most popular platforms where you can leverage the power of email reminders is Microsoft Outlook.

With a range of features for setting reminders, Outlook stands as a comprehensive tool for managing your tasks and communications effectively.

From the Outlook inbox, you can set reminders for tasks, events, and even particular emails that require follow-ups. The process is simple and intuitive, contributing significantly to the user-friendly nature of Outlook.

The Power of Task Reminders

In Outlook, task reminders are a crucial component that helps users manage their tasks efficiently. Whether it’s a new task or an existing task, you can set reminders in Outlook with a few clicks.

These reminders, appearing as a full reminder in outlook custom dialog box at the set reminder time, ensure that you don’t forget about any tasks that require your attention.

To set task reminders, go to the Tasks group located on the navigation pane’s left side, under the Home tab. From here, select ‘New Task’, and in the window that opens, specify the task details.

After you’ve set the task reminder details, click on the drop-down arrow next to the ‘Reminder’ option and specify the reminder date and time. Click ‘Save and Close’, and your task reminder is set.

Calendar Appointments and Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar, accessible through the Calendar tab, is another platform within Outlook where reminders can play a significant role. Whether it’s meetings or appointments, you can set reminders for all your calendar appointments.

To do this, double-click on the specific date in your Outlook Calendar to create a new appointment or meeting.

In the window that opens, specify the event details, and then click on the drop-down arrow next to the Reminder option to set a reminder time. Once done, click ‘Save and Close’ to add the reminder.

Follow-ups and Outlook Reminders

In Outlook, follow-ups are crucial in ensuring effective communication and managing many tasks effectively.

Whether it’s a particular message or email that requires a follow-up or a task, you can set email reminders in Outlook to ensure you always stay on the same page with your correspondents.

To add a reminder to a particular email, open the email message, click on the ‘Follow Up’ option in the Tags group, and select ‘Add Reminder.

In the custom dialog box that opens, set the reminder date and time and click ‘OK’. Your reminder is set, and Outlook will remind you at the specified time.

Now that we’ve explored the general features of Outlook reminders let’s delve deeper into setting reminders for specific needs in Outlook.

Here we will focus on topics like default reminders, customizing reminders, and setting reminders without an appointment.

Customizing Your Email Reminders in Outlook

Default Reminders in Outlook

Outlook offers default reminders for new calendar appointments, meetings, and tasks. These are set to remind you 15 minutes before the event or task, by default. But what if you want to set your default reminder to a new message at a different time?

Here’s how you do it: Click on the ‘File’ tab, select ‘Options’ and then ‘Calendar’. Here you can find the default reminder setting.

Click on the drop-down menu and select your desired default reminder time. Click ‘OK’ to save the changes. This new default reminder time will be applied to all your new tasks and events.

Customizing Outlook Reminders

What if you have a specific event for which you’d like to be reminded at a different time than your default reminder? In Outlook, customizing reminders for specific events is easy.

When you create a new event or task, or when you edit an existing one, just click on the drop-down arrow next to the Reminder option in the left pane of the window, and choose your desired reminder time.

Reminders in Outlook Without an Appointment

For those who want to set a reminder in Outlook without having to create an appointment or task, Outlook has a feature just for you.

From your Outlook inbox, select the email you want to set a reminder for, go to the Home tab, click on the Follow Up option in the Tags group, and select ‘Add Reminder’. In the reminder box that opens, set your desired email reminder, date and time.

Outlook Calendar Reminders Every Other Day

Outlook also enables you to set reminders for events that occur every other day. To set this, create a new calendar event, and in the window that opens, set your event details and reminder time. Then, in the same window, click on the ‘Recurrence’ button.

A dialog box will open, and you can click options to specify your event to repeat every two days. Click ‘OK’ and then ‘Save & Close’. Now, your Outlook Calendar will remind you of this event every other day at your specified time.

Setting Reminders in Outlook Browser

Even when using Outlook in your web browser, you can set reminders for your tasks and events. Just like the Outlook application, click on the ‘New’ button to create a new event or task, specify your details, and set your reminder time. Remember to save your changes, and your reminders will pop up at your set time.

With this knowledge in hand, you can master the art of setting reminders in Microsoft Outlook to keep your tasks and events well-managed. But what about those who use Gmail for their email communications?

Leveraging Gmail Reminders and Wrap-up

Understanding Gmail Reminders

Just like Outlook, Gmail also offers a robust reminders system. Gmail reminders can be associated with emails in your inbox or can be set as standalone reminders.

Gmail reminders essentially serve as your to-do list, helping you stay on top of important tasks and follow-ups.

Creating Gmail Reminders from Emails

You can create a reminder directly from an email in your Gmail inbox. Open the specific email, click on the ‘More’ button represented by three vertical dots, and then select ‘Add to Tasks’.

This action will create a new task in the Tasks pane on the right side of the Gmail window. Click on ‘Edit’ represented by a pencil icon to set a due date and time for your task. Gmail will notify you with a reminder when the task is due.

Follow Up and Gmail Reminders

Just as in Outlook, you can set Gmail to remind you to follow up on important emails. Once you’ve created a task from an email as mentioned above, you can set a due date for your follow up.

This due date will act as your reminder, prompting Gmail to send you a further reminder message via email when it’s time to follow up.

Reminder Notifications in Gmail

You might be wondering how to turn on reminder notifications in Gmail. Simply click on the settings gear icon on the top-right corner of your Gmail inbox, select ‘See all settings’, and then go to the ‘General’ tab.

Here you can find the ‘Desktop Notifications’ section. Enable the option ‘New mail notifications on’, save your changes, and you’ll start receiving reminder notifications.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re using Outlook or Gmail, having a good handle on how to set, manage, and customize your email reminders can drastically improve your productivity and prevent missed opportunities.

From setting default reminders to managing your follow-ups, the ability to control how and when you’re reminded about important events and tasks is an asset in today’s fast-paced world.

Remember, in the sphere of email outreach, the potential of reminders is vast. By ensuring you’re always on top of your tasks and appointments, you’re not just organizing your work but also improving your communication and outreach outcomes.

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How do you send a reminder email?

Sending a reminder email essentially involves drafting an email message with the intention of reminding the recipient about a certain task, appointment, or follow up.

Make sure to include all necessary details like the event date, time, and purpose. You can also set an email reminder for yourself to ensure timely follow-ups.

Can I create a reminder from an email?

Yes, both Outlook and Gmail allow users to create reminders from specific emails. In Outlook, open the email message, click on the ‘Follow Up’ option in the Tags group, and select ‘Add Reminder’.

In Gmail, open the email, click on ‘More’, and select ‘Add to Tasks’ to create a task and set a reminder for it.