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Simple cold email outreach tool for sales teams, agencies and SEO`s

Reach decision makers, build brands, foster customer relationships Develop a direct and easy-to-scale communication channel for pre- and after-sales service. Automation makes sure that all your emails and follow-ups get sent, and you can focus on building partnerships with the people who respond. Don’t let your sales funnel dry out - a steady flow of leads will enhance your customer base. Upsell your service Directly reach out to customers who might be interested in purchasing additional services offered by your agency. Mark these contacts in your CRM, import them into Mailarrow, and create a dedicated email campaign just for them. Be the advisor and business partner who takes care of your customer brand’s success. Directly target accounts Directly contact the decision-makers in a less clamored space and take full control over your lead generation process. Become independent from social media and search engine algorithms. Go beyond analytics and statistical data and start conversations with real human beings. Automate and scale PR and influencer communication on behalf of your customers and for yourself. Touch base with journalists, bloggers and influencers thanks to personalized follow-up sequences. Grow your customers’ brand recognition and visibility in media. Build links at scale Find pages that are a good link building opportunity for your customers and yourself. Prepare a highly targeted email campaign to get in touch directly with content managers and webmasters. Ask if they’d be interested in cooperation. Acquire quality links, increase website ranking and get more organic traffic. Build your brand’s voice Apply high-level personalization to tailor your email to an individual recipient and make it stand out from the bot-like mass messaging. Because you’re the one who reaches out, you can take full control over your brand communication. Show your brand exactly the way you want it to be received. Get more replies Automated follow-up sequences give you more opportunities to engage prospects in a conversation and show them the value of your service. Sometimes you need to knock the door more than once for someone to hear you. Streamline the process by scheduling up to 7 follow-up emails per campaign. Prepare the content and set up the time - we’ll handle the sending. Retarget leads Closing a deal is rarely a straightforward process. You know what it’s like - some people will reply to you at first, then go quiet, and then suddenly write again a few months later. Wait till the month-end closing and target all the leads you haven’t managed to convert with a retargeting campaign to revive the conversation and clinch the deal. Retain customers Proactive after-sales service is a crucial step to gain returning customers. Maintain your business relationships with personalized email campaigns. Be in touch with your customers on a regular basis. Hear their feedback, listen to their needs and get to know their business better, so you can tailor your service to their expectations.

Send cold emails that make deals happen

Everything you need to reach more clients and get more revenue

Scale Your Campaigns with Unlimited Sending Mailboxes

Scale your outreach efforts with as many mailboxes as you need. Don't ever let mailbox limits affect your revenue growth.

  • Freedom to connect as many inboxes as you desire
  • Expand your outreach, send thousands of emails without breaking the bank
  • Experience the ultimate scale of your outreach efforts

cold outreach software with unlimited sending accounts

Streamline Your Campaigns with Smart Inbox Rotation

Boost your campaign effectiveness with multiple sending accounts in the one campaign. Start conversations from different inboxes and keep your deliverability top notch.

  • Connect multiple email accounts to a single campaign
  • Start organic conversations from different inboxes automatically
  • Maintain high deliverability rates without copying campaigns

Smart Inbox Rotation

Generate More Revenue with Hyper-Personalized Campaigns

Maximize your campaign effectiveness and efficiency with Mailarrow's user-friendly, feature-rich platform.

  • Easily craft email sequences and automate follow-ups
  • Choose the perfect sending time to increase your open rates
  • Monitor responses, detect replies and handle bounces to improve your campaign outcomes.

Hyper-personalized Campaigns
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Warmup Your Email Accounts for Better Deliverability

Boost your sender reputation and ensure better deliverability with Mailarrow's unique AI-powered warmup strategy, enabling automatic, human-like conversations.

  • Improve your sender reputation with consistent, meaningful engagement
  • Leverage the power of AI to facilitate engaging, human-like conversations automatically
  • Warming up your email accounts intelligently to always land in the inbox

Improve Email Deliverability

Improve Your Results with Detailed Analytics

Get a tight grip on your campaign performance at a granular level - from an overall account perspective to individual campaign, email and prospect.

  • Understand exactly where in the funnel each prospect is
  • Understand your campaign data at multiple levels: account, campaign, and even single email
  • Gain insigths, optimize campaigns and iterate to drive better results

Cold Email Outreach Campaign Analytics