How to Get SEO Clients: Establishing Authority and Gaining Clients

Wondering how to score those coveted SEO clients and build lasting relationships? Well, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll guide you through the art of attracting clients through active outreach, mastering cold emails with finesse, and tapping into the goldmine of opportunities in local SEO.

But that’s not all – we’ll also explore the vital aspects of building trust, establishing your agency’s unique identity, and wielding the power of networking to establish authority in the industry.

No complicated jargon or robotic advice here, just straightforward and relatable tips that feel like they’re coming from a real human – just like you.

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Let’s embark on this SEO adventure together and secure a thriving future for your agency!

Establishing Your SEO Agency’s Identity

Laying the Foundation for Your SEO Agency

Running an SEO agency comes with its own set of challenges, and attracting SEO clients is at the top of that list. Establishing your agency’s identity and value proposition is a crucial first step.

You must demonstrate your SEO expertise to potential clients, reassuring them that they can trust your agency with their website’s SEO efforts.

To establish credibility, an SEO agency must have an impressive agency website that showcases its work. This includes case studies of past successful campaigns, customer testimonials, and clearly stated SEO services.

It can also feature free SEO audits, which are a proven strategy for attracting more SEO clients.

The option of free audits piques the interest of potential clients, providing them an insight into what they stand to gain from your SEO services.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is paramount when looking to win SEO clients.

Whether you’re targeting local businesses, international corporations, or online e-commerce stores, knowing your audience will inform your strategy.

Local SEO clients, for example, might be more interested in ranking high in local directories and Google search, while larger corporations might be interested in more comprehensive SEO strategies.

In addition to these, consider the industry or niche your referring clients or potential SEO clients operate in and adjust your offering accordingly.

Offering Unique SEO Services

In the competitive SEO industry, your services need to stand out. Offering unique and value-driven SEO services can significantly increase your chances of getting SEO clients.

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This could be in the form of technical SEO, monthly SEO packages, or personalized SEO strategies.

The key here is to offer services that answer the specific pain points of your target audience.

For instance, local businesses may benefit more from local SEO, including optimization for local keywords.

With these foundational steps, your SEO agency will be well on its way to attracting new SEO clients. However, it is important to remember that this is just the beginning.

To find more SEO clients, maintain client relationships, and ensure business growth, a variety of strategies must be employed, which we will explore in the following sections.

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Winning SEO Clients Through Active Outreach

Leveraging Social Media and Content Marketing

The next part of the journey on how to get SEO clients involves active outreach, where social media marketing and content marketing play crucial roles.

A strong social media presence can significantly increase your reach, allowing you to attract clients that might otherwise have been unaware of your agency.

Sharing educational content, industry updates, and case studies can generate interest in your services.

Content marketing, too, is an effective tool for attracting SEO clients. Create content that aligns with the needs and interests of your target audience.

Your blog posts should be resourceful, insightful, and demonstrate your SEO expertise. This not only helps attract clients but blog post also serves to establish authority in the SEO field.

Taking Advantage of Networking Events and Marketing Conferences

In addition to the online strategies, offline networking is also an effective way to get SEO clients.

Networking events and marketing conferences offer a unique opportunity to meet potential SEO clients in person.

It’s a perfect setting to pitch your services, distribute your agency’s marketing materials, and even offer free SEO audits.

Specific events like web design meetups or SEO conferences can also be advantageous for your agency.

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They not only provide learning opportunities but also act as a platform for your agency to stand out from the competition.

Making Use of SEO Leads and Lead Generation Strategies

A well-implemented lead generation strategy can be a boon for SEO agencies seeking new SEO clients.

A lead generation strategy can involve a number of methods, such as offering free resources in exchange for email addresses, running webinars, or leveraging platforms like LinkedIn for B2B leads.

SEO leads—potential clients who have shown interest in your SEO services—are gold mines that should be explored fully. They are your prospective clients who, with the right nurture strategy, could become your next SEO clients.

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Building Trust and Solidifying Relationships

Providing Free SEO Audits

One proven strategy to win SEO clients and establish trust is by offering free SEO audits.

These audits act as an opportunity to showcase your expertise, highlight areas of improvement on a potential client’s website, and ultimately show them the value of your SEO services.

A free audit can also be a great conversation starter. It opens the door for you to discuss SEO strategies tailored to their specific needs.

Plus, if the audit reveals significant areas for improvement, it makes your SEO services even more appealing.

Understanding the Importance of Client Relationships

To attract more SEO clients, it’s not just about selling your SEO services. It’s also about nurturing client relationships.

A satisfied client can act as a referral source, bringing in more SEO clients to win business without any extra effort on your part.

Establishing strong client relationships begins with understanding the client’s needs and ensuring your SEO strategies align with their business goals.

Regular communication, transparency, and delivering on promises are the building blocks of a strong client relationship.

Showcasing Success Stories

Don’t shy away from showcasing your successful SEO campaigns. Such companies that have seen significant growth as a result of your SEO efforts serve as strong testimonials, attracting more SEO clients.

Detailed case studies can also help potential clients visualize the impact of your SEO services on their business growth.

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Mastering the Art of Cold Email Outreach

Identifying Potential SEO Clients

To get more SEO clients, you must first identify potential clients. A potential client might be a local business struggling to rank in Google search results, a service provider wanting to broaden their online presence, or an e-commerce store looking to increase their organic traffic.

Part of identifying potential SEO clients involves understanding their specific needs. This information should be used to tailor your cold emails and make them as relevant as possible to the prospective client.

Crafting Effective Cold Emails

Once you’ve identified your potential SEO clients, the next step is to craft compelling cold emails. These emails need to be personalized, reflecting an understanding of the recipient’s business and their SEO needs. They should communicate the value of your SEO services and how you can help them achieve their goals.

In addition, the inclusion of a free SEO audit in your cold email can increase its effectiveness. This serves as a powerful call to action, creating a compelling reason for the prospective client to respond to your email.

Utilizing Cold Email Outreach Software

Executing a cold email outreach campaign can be a tedious process. This is where Mailarrow, our cold email outreach software, comes into play.

Mailarrow streamlines the process, making it easier to manage your outreach efforts, track responses, and follow up with prospective clients.

With its help, you can spend less time on the logistics of email outreach and more time winning SEO clients and delivering exceptional SEO services.

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Local SEO: A Goldmine of Opportunities

Tapping into the Local SEO Market

The local SEO market can be a lucrative source of new SEO clients. Local businesses, in particular, can benefit significantly from specialized local SEO services, making them excellent potential SEO clients.

For instance, a local bakery might need help with local keywords and local directories to improve their visibility in local searches.

By demonstrating your expertise in local SEO, you can make your marketing agency stand out to these businesses, helping you to attract more SEO clients.

Leveraging Local SEO to Win SEO Clients

Winning local SEO clients often involves showing businesses the value they can gain from improving their local search ranking.

Many local businesses may not be aware of the potential benefits, so educating them on this can generate interest in your SEO services.

Free SEO audits can also play a crucial role here. An audit can highlight areas where a business can improve their local SEO, providing a tangible demonstration of the potential value of your services.

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Case Study: Winning a Local SEO Client

To illustrate the power of local SEO in attracting SEO clients, consider the case of a hypothetical SEO agency. They offered a free audit to a local restaurant struggling with visibility in Google search results.

The audit identified several issues with local SEO, including a lack of local keywords inbound marketing and a poor presence in local directories.

Upon seeing the results, the restaurant owner understood the potential benefits of local SEO services and became a new client. This showcases the effectiveness of free SEO audits and the value of local SEO in winning SEO clients.

Don’t forget to take advantage of Mailarrow, our cold email outreach software, to streamline your client acquisition efforts. Sign up today and transform the way you get SEO clients.

SEO Contract: Securing Your Future Clients

Creating an Effective SEO Contract

An important part of how to get SEO clients lies in your SEO contract. It is not just a formality; it’s an opportunity to further demonstrate the value of your SEO services to your prospective clients.

An effective SEO contract should be clear, concise, and transparent about the services provided. This includes detailing SEO strategies to be implemented, projected timelines, and payment terms.

A well-crafted SEO contract can give potential clients peace of mind, making them more likely to commit to your services.

Tailoring SEO Packages

Consider tailoring your SEO services to match the specific needs of your SEO clients. For example, offering monthly SEO packages can be an attractive proposition for businesses that prefer a continuous, long-term partnership.

In addition, for local businesses, offering specialized local SEO packages can differentiate your SEO agency from others. This makes your agency more appealing and can help you attract more SEO clients.

The Significance of Future Clients

While it’s crucial to focus on winning new SEO clients, remember to also nurture your future clients. These are potential customers who have shown interest in your services but are not yet ready to sign the SEO contract.

Nurturing these future clients through value-added content, regular communication, and personalized offers can eventually convert them into great clients.

This nurturing process can be made easier with Mailarrow, which can automate much of the communication process.

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The Power of Networking and Establishing Authority

Networking: A Powerful Tool for SEO Agencies

Networking, both online and offline, presents numerous opportunities to get more SEO clients.

Whether it’s attending SEO conferences, participating in web design meetups, or joining discussions on professional forums, these platforms allow you to showcase your SEO expertise and generate leads.

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Not only can you connect with potential SEO clients, but you can also build relationships with other SEO agencies and marketing agencies.

Such companies might refer clients to you if they are unable to take on a particular project or if it falls into your particular niche.

Establishing Authority in the SEO Industry

Establishing authority in the SEO industry can make your agency more attractive to potential SEO clients.

One way to establish authority is by creating content that showcases your knowledge and expertise. This could be through blog posts, webinars, or even eBooks.

Content creation not only establishes you as an expert but also helps you get SEO clients by increasing your visibility in Google search.

You can use this content to generate interest, provide value to your target audience, and attract more SEO leads.

Partnering with Other Companies

Another effective strategy is partnering with non-competing businesses that offer complementary services, like web development or social media marketing.

These businesses can refer clients to your SEO agency, providing an additional source of potential SEO clients.

Never underestimate the power of networking and partnerships in attracting more SEO clients.

Remember, with Mailarrow’s cold email outreach software, you can follow up effectively and maintain relationships with both potential and existing clients. Sign up today and redefine your client acquisition process.


How do I start selling SEO?

Starting to sell SEO involves first developing a thorough understanding of SEO and its various components such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, and local SEO.

Once you have this knowledge, you can begin to offer SEO services to potential clients.

It’s also important to establish your online presence, create an appealing agency website, and market your services.

Developing a clear SEO strategy and demonstrating its value to potential clients is key. Using an outreach tool like Mailarrow can help streamline this process.

Is it hard to sell SEO?

Selling SEO can be challenging because it is a technical service and the results are not always immediate. It requires educating potential clients about the value of SEO and how it can contribute to their business growth.

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However, with the right approach and tools, it becomes significantly easier. This includes personalizing your approach, offering free SEO audits, showcasing your expertise, and following up effectively.

An outreach tool like Mailarrow can simplify this process by automating your email outreach.

Serge Shlykov is the founder of Mailarrow. Rotterdam Business School graduate and a long-time software engineer he has been running his own agency and SaaS business before realizing how many people are struggling with cold email outreach. This made him create Mailarrow, the cold email outreach software that helps you build great relationships at scale. Find him on Twitter and LinkedIn

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